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Make your style travel on the cheap

The British summer is here. Time for sun, sea and sand. Not that, Portsmouth manages to have a whole lot of sun sometimes.
Going abroad on holiday is never cheap, but friends and family are flying off to a variety of different places around the globe.
 There are a number of different schools of thought on how to save dough when it comes to flying abroad.
For some, the best way is to sit and wait for the flights to first be announced at the beginning of the year. Others, the risk takers, are the people daring enough to rock up at the airport and get a last minute seat on a plane going anywhere. In my obscure vision, they seem a lot like stocks and shares - no one really knows the best way. My holiday money-saving fixes are:
1. Luggage, or lack of.
When me and the other half travel abroad, as much as I moan about wanting to take a suitcase, packing clothes in hand luggage does save a good buck.
2.Packing less
The key to this is very similar to having a capsule wardrobe. Owning simple, effective …