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Aldbury May Day

Bank holidays have always escaped me.Since starting work in an office, it's been good to start taking advantage of bank holidays and enjoying the extra time off. Working in retail I always used to be working. It would be busy, lots of other people would have the time off and living in the waterfront city of Portsmouth, a lot of people visit the sea on their long weekend.

Over the last bank holiday, me and the Other Half didn't spend it by the sea, but instead headed inland to my home village (think Vicar of Dibley kind of village) for the annual May Fair.

The May Fair in Aldbury is a huge event. Every year hundreds of people all across the county visit the tiny village of Aldbury, to take part in raffles, check out some of the local goods, try their luck on the coconut shy and even send their fluffy loved ones down the 'Teddy Tower of Terror'.
It's the biggest event in the village, and takes months to organise. It's incredible the amount of dedication put in fr…