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End Of Quarter Drinks

I've recently started a new job, which you may have noticed with the very slow coming job application posts. I have more coming, better late than never eh!

It's been interesting adapting from being on my feet all day to starting work in an office. There are so many changes I've had to get used to. But I'll get into those more in another post.
This weekend was the companies end of quarter, which means appraisals, meetings and presentations. But what was different from anywhere else I've worked, was going for drinks after!

The other companies I have worked for had always made note of each quarter. We'd get some sort of correspondence and maybe the odd meeting from our operational manager. But we never celebrated it, not to the extent of the company I currently work for.

It was an interesting day, everyone was talking about plans for the night, whether they were going, where they were going, what they were up to. Those who weren't going out suffered the odd bi…