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Writing a CV

Applying for jobs is a long and persistent process.There's a lot of rejection and self criticism, but at the same time you learn a lot about yourself and on top of that, there is also a lot of recognition of you're own achievements and what you can do.
The first step in a job search  is a CV. This, what some might consider only a small amount of information, is supposed to be a window in to who you are and what you are about to employers. So it's got to hit the nail on the head!
I'd normally say I'm quite good at self criticism, but writing a CV is hard! Selling your self with only a couple of pages of paper, and to a stranger no less!
How much information do you put about each role? Do you bullet point it? Do you put a picture?!?!
My best advice from the start. Get someone to write your CV with. You can bounce ideas off of them and they can help put another perspective on who you are and what your strengths are. My other half helped me with mine, which I'm sure is how she…