The Truth

I started this blog to help those with not a lot, live like they have everything.

I have little chunks of advice, from personal experience, but the more and more I read from other people. The more I see. The more I experience. The more I realise that I have so much more to learn, to get the luxury lifestyle.

I consider myself successful in any aspects of my life. I have a wonderful girlfriend, I own my own flat at the age of 22 and I can rather happily afford to live with a good quality of life.
But there other aspects of my life where I consider myself less successful.
My job isn't particularly fulfilling, I have quite a chunk of debt, I can't seem to pass a driving test to save my life and one of my best examples is this blog!

I've spent far too long about worrying what I'm going to write, what I'm going to talk about next, how I'm going to write it. I've done this worrying for too long.

Like the other aspects of my life, that I don't feel are as successful as I'd like, this can be changed.

I'm taking to a new way of writing this.

A new way of thinking.

I want you to learn with me.

I'm not going to worry about what to write any more. I want to use this more of a journal. I'm not talking like a diary, no one can ever see that!
More like my experience written down, in the hope to learn lessons from.

It starts today. Organising my life. Getting a plan for my goals. Starting progress.

Day 1. The New Potless Gentleman

I hope you enjoy the NEW Potless Gentleman.
Hopefully in 5 years time, I can look back from greener grass!

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