Step 1: The De-clutter

There are many different goals I want to achieve. Some very big, some very small.
I like to break my goals in to smaller little chunks to make them manageable.

One that I'm really looking forward to keeping up, is being more organised.
I've always been one to believe that, if you keep everything around you tidy, you'll be keeping everything inside tidy too. Or as my driving instructor says "Clean car, clean drive".
My problem is I've never been the best at keeping everything around me tidy.

yesterday, I cleaned the flat. Top to bottom.
Today, was a slightly bigger job.

I've spent my day filing and clearing up paperwork.
Now a lot of you might consider this as a lot of procrastination.
But I think getting rid of the little problems, frees your head up for the bigger ones.
It might seem like I've hid myself from my bigger goals, but I'm actually pretty proud of the job that I've done

It's one of the jobs that you put off and put off. The paper mountain grows bigger and bigger.
But no more! I will no longer put off silly little jobs.
I now have a clean and tidy desk that my other half can work from and I have a place I can blog from.
I now also have a super organised filing cabinet.
Which is not what all kids grow up to looking forward to. But I'm a sad bastard and these little things bring me joy!

I'm hoping that getting my little goals completed, or cutting my big goals up, will help my progress.
That or I have just procrastinated for a couple of hours. But to me it's a win, and a little bit of a confidence boost in making the best progress I can!

Like I said in my last post though, I don't want to just do this on my own.
Got any great tips on being more organised? Let me know!!

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