Searching For a New Job

I've always thought I had my career plan worked out.

I left school when I was young because I didn't enjoy the classes I was doing (My mistake was not paying enough attention enough in the classes that I did enjoy) and so I left eduction for full time employment in retail.
When I left I knew I couldn't simply do what I was doing and I knew I had to work up.
I made a plan in my head, and like most of you might do, if you have goal, you set a timeline to it as to what you want to achieve and by when.
What I hadn't considered, is that circumstances change. The company changed the progression process numerous times, where I worked and the kind of work I have been doing has changed and ultimately, my own sense of what I want to achieve has changed and what my values are now have changed.

Maybe the career plan I made 5 years ago needs a bit of a tweak.

I've always been one to aim for the stars. I know now that my decision to leave eduction was not the best, but I have learnt from that and I have a wholly better understanding of why it was a bad decision as I've grown up. At the same time the decision has made me who I am. As well as making the mistake of leaving education and learning from it, I've made many other mistakes. But I have learned. Maybe staying in education would have never have taught me about the real world and I wouldn't be the person I am today. I will never know.

I've spent to passed couple of weeks trying to change my career plan around the company. Which is the best route, which route will bring me better job satisfaction, which route will make me more money!
But across my week off, I've done a lot of thinking. What kind of person am I, what do I really want and can any of the career paths in the company I currently work for actually give me what I want?

It's brought me to the decision that I need to get out of the company I am currently employed in.
It's not a bad company to work for, they offer great benefits, they do still have a fair progression programme which offers opportunities to people who often haven't had the best opportunities.

But as I said, I shoot for the stars.
In the words of Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) "Life is this, I like this"

Where I am now can't offer me what I want now. I want more of a routine, more money and more control over where my career can take me.

Retail has been useful to me, as I've said, I've learnt so much. But it's time to change the tune while I'm young enough and don't have the responsibilities that I might have in later life.
I could easily move company into more retail, but realistically it's not going to be much different.

Watch this space as I write a CV for the first time on 5 years!!

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