Starting In A New Work Place

During your lifetime, it's highly unlikely you'll end up in the same job or working in the same place the whole time.
I understand, in an office environment, it's quite unlikely you'll move too much. But in my line of work, retail, moving around to different shops is common and you have to get used to meeting new people. New staff, new customers and an entire new way of doing what you do everyday, it's never the same wherever you go.

So if you're thinking about re-locating, getting a new job in the same industry or simply a new job all together, I have a few personal tips I use when I work somewhere new.

I understand meeting new people is daunting for some.
A lot of work places develop their own 'eco-system'. If you're going in with a management role, it could hurt you to go in and change it all.
Go in on the first day, introduce your self to everyone and spend a lot of your time in the first couple of weeks just listening.
Feeling the room and reading people is an important skill to have and if you're thinking of working somewhere new, these are skills you may want to think about before you go.

Treat everywhere you go as a new project.
When I move to a new shop, I treat it like a project. I find it's problems, plan the changes I want to make and how I will execute those changes.
Set goals and timelines (as long as they're realistic).
The project doesn't have to involve changing your workplace. They could be personal changes, such as advancement in your career.
I guess it's almost a rule of thumb, to have a successful career, continuously set yourself goals to be achieved.

Much like my last point, learn from your old mistakes.
A new work place is a fresh start, even if it's within the same company.
Before you start you first day, maybe make a list of everything that you think you can improve on, or things you're going to do differently from last time. A clean slate can be a great opportunity to boost your career so don't miss it!

My last little tip might seem to contradict all the others slightly, but it's very important:
Enjoy it.
enjoy what you do and don't worry about everything too quickly. You might find it takes a while to settle in. If you don't try to relax, the stress will build up. So don't sweat it!

Stay classy, and if you're starting a new job, good luck and have fun!

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