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Tony Wood Hardressing

I'm not one to normally do something with my hair. I'm quite conservative with my hair.
Keeping it short, sharp and smart. I can't say that's totally the reason I like it short, I also keep it short because I'm lazy with my hair. I used to rather it not move when I got up so it carried on looking sharp, long after I had it cut.

Clock Tower on Castle Rd  
The guys at Tony Wood gave me a little confidence in experimenting with my hair rather than my usual 2 on the side and 3 on top.
Situated under the beautiful Castle Rd Clock Tower, between Castle Rd and Great Southsea St,where it looks amazing just standing outside the salon.

I was looking for a haircut for my holiday with a short amount time left before I left. Looking for direction from Twitter, as you do, I was directed to Tony Wood who was happy to fit me in a few days later.

 Walking in, was like walking into your best friend's house, with the
record player ticking over in the corner, you felt at home, like you had been there a million time before.
With a warm welcome, Tony Wood and his team know how to treat you well. Although, you do forget that when you talk to people over Twitter with a different username to your real name, you sometimes get quite a bewildered reaction. 

After being offered a cup of coffee, Jay, one of the very highly qualified hair dressers there, went through some ideas he had and  went through what I wanted.
It's all a particularly personal service, explaining every detail and listening to exactly what I want.
After coming up with a plan, sat on their leather lounger with a cup of coffee, we move over to a large table with lots of large mirrors and Jay works his magic.

We just talked as he cut my hair, it felt like I've known him most my life. We talked of the salon, about his hairdressing career, about the blog. There's such a warm feeling and atmosphere of the place.

We talked of the younger stylist, Tony who is a big fan of teaching and often travels up and down the country to teach others to cut hair, and to cut hair well! Although he always likes returning to the salon.

Tony Wood Himself
Tony Wood works on a very much family-like business structure, all they guys that work there know each other well and all of them are happy to have a laugh with clients, not just each other.
After our short conversation, Jay took me over to wash my hair to get rid of the excess hair.
He brought me back over to the chair and shows me how he's styling my hair, so I know exactly what I'm doing when I got home. It turns out, it really doesn't take that much effort or time to get my hair right.
He used one of Tony Wood's range of grooming products, all of which look great on your bathroom shelf/bedroom dresser but are great quality too.

After, cutting my hair and styling it to a sharp, modern look Jay properly introduced me to Tony Wood. He's a smart man with quick wit and a good sense of humour. As he talked about the salon you can see he loves what he does and why he's been doing it for so long.
He showed me round the salon, the different products he sells and the history behind his business and his career.
With the new hair cut and booming business, I easily understood why he is a multi-award winning hair dresser.

Tony Wood's Own Matte Mudd

Tony Wood has a large selection of his own products

He has a very clear path and vision of hair dressing and seems to have plans to expand in the future, but I've been asked not to write about that quite yet.
All I can say is be excited about this gentlemen!

Experienced hair dressers, an amazing atmosphere and great coffee.
I dare anybody to visit and not come away having had a good time as well as a sharp hair cut.

This was not a sponsored post, I visited Tony Wood on my own accord. All views and opinions are my own.

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