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Tony Wood Hair Portsmouth

I'm not one to normally do something with my hair. I'm quite conservative with my hair. Keeping it short, sharp and smart. I can't say that's totally the reason I like it short, I also keep it short because I'm lazy with my hair. I used to rather it not move when I got up so it carried on looking sharp, long after I had it cut.
The guys at Tony Wood gave me a little confidence in experimenting with my hair rather than my usual 2 on the side and 3 on top. Situated under the beautiful Castle Rd Clock Tower, between Castle Rd and Great Southsea St,where it looks amazing just standing outsidethe salon.
I was looking for a haircut for my holiday with a short amount time left before I left. Looking for direction from Twitter, as you do, I was directed to Tony Wood who was happy to fit me in a few days later.
 Walking in, was like walking into your best friend's house, with the record player ticking over in the corner, you felt at home, like you had been there a million tim…