Male Grooming: Shavekit Razor Review

Shaving is a part of almost every mans life. Something you learn from a young age and carry on doing to an old age. When you think about it, on a bigger scale, you probably spend quiet a chunk of you're life shaving. From what I've read from different sources, you'll spend around 45 days of your entire life shaving. It might not seem like a big number, but that's still 1,093 hours of shaving.

It's one of man's biggest chore, but a key to looking sharp.
Ask Men even include being clean shaven as their top way of looking like a boss.
So it may be a chore, but it's key to looking good.

Shave Kit have come up a way to make the chore a little easier.
Over at Shave Kit they know that a busy man will take any extra time they can get.
Why spend even more time going out and getting a new razor, when they'll send you one straight to your door.

The perfect subscription service for the busy man,

It's a simple process.

Pick what razor you'd like to be delivered, from either a 3 blade razor or a 5 blade razor (I'm a 5 blade razor guy my self)
Shave Kit: 3 Blade Razor
Shave Kit: 5 Blade Razor

Pop in you're Address and payment details

Await arrival of your razor!

Now you're probably thinking, what makes this particular razor stand out from the rest, isn't getting it all delivered expensive?

Well gentleman, I left it to grow for  a while, where usually I'd end up cutting my self or feel a pulling on my skin as I shaved using a Gillette or Wilkinson razor.
The Shave Kit cut through with ease, no pulling, and no cuts, with an extremely close shave as well.
The rubber grip gives a solid grip and the flexible razor head makes light work of shaving your jaw line.
With the chrome finish it also looks beautiful just sitting on your bathrooms sink.

Now to the price, which is also an important factor.

I came up with a comparative situation.

To have a Gillete razor delivered every month would cost you £17.57 a month.
Shave Kit will send you new razors for just about half the price! £8.95 to be exact (for the 5 blade razors)
In you're first delivery you get a free handle and a set of 4 razor heads and they'll deliver another 4 every month.
If you do have a tighter budget compared to usual, shave kit are flexible with membership.

What's even better for you pot-less gentleman like my self, Shave Kit have given me a voucher code for my lovely readers to get 70% off their first order!

So if you want easy and affordable shaving, check out their website.
If you want to use the coupon, just use: POTLESS

Also, keep up with Shave Kit, here's their Facebook and Twitter.

I was not paid to write this post. I was given one months supply of razors and a handle to review. All opinions are still all my own.

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