Today on twitter there's been a particularly interesting trend: #ItsNotADateIf
People tweeting about date's that aren't really dates, and the people of twitter have come up with some comical ones.

Some oddly related to Harry Styles and One Direction (Twitter is full of 1D fans)

And one woman who probably took the whole thing a little too seiously.

But then again I guess she's not wrong.

The whole thing got me thinking, what really makes a date?
It all comes down to the basics of being a gentleman. It's all about manners and etiquette.

Open Doors.
Simple right? opening doors is an easy way to show you're polite and have manners.
It shows you're thinking of her rather than yourself.

Listen and show attention.
I know guys, we live in a generation which is so much more used to being attached to our smart phones, and I'm sure she'll be very used to it too. But on a date, keep away from any sort of distractions. Turn your phone off if it helps!
There are many men out there that will tell you they can't count on two hand how many times they've been shouted at for not listening or paying attention.
Keep eye contact, show you're listening and really engage in conversation after she's spoken.
If you're stuck to your phone all night, look up, she won't be there.

I know equality is getting bigger now, but I'm very old fashioned when it comes to dates and dating.
Show a little class, and pay.

Be Polite.
It's not hard guys.
"Please" and "Thank you"s. "Excuse me" when necessary.
It all just shows that you're thinking about it all.

I'm not saying this is all you need to ace a date, but they are your basics to work from.
You're not always going to have perfect dates, they can go wrong quickly, but keep your chin up and carry on.

Good luck gentleman

A Pot Less Gentleman

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