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Today on twitter there's been a particularly interesting trend: #ItsNotADateIf
People tweeting about date's that aren't really dates, and the people of twitter have come up with some comical ones.

#ItsNotADateIf she doesn't instagrams the food. — Procrastinator (@Heerahee) May 22, 2015

#ItsNotADateIf they steal your fries. You deserve more than a fries thief. — Butt Medler (@OreoSpeedwagon_) May 22, 2015

Some oddly related to Harry Styles and One Direction (Twitter is full of 1D fans)

#ItsNotADateIf we are not going to talk about one direction — #nocontrol1Dimagines (@badboyhes_) May 22, 2015
#ItsNotADateIf you're not Harry — Malak. (@harrysjizzle) May 22, 2015
And one woman who probably took the whole thing a little too seiously.
#ItsNotADateIf you're a bigot, a sexist, a homophobe, a rapist, a child molester, or you wear socks and sandals together. — Lady A (@she_nutt) May 22, 2015
But then again I guess she's not wrong.

The whole thing got me thinking, what really mak…

Male Grooming: Shavekit Razor Review

Shaving is a part of almost every mans life. Something you learn from a young age and carry on doing to an old age. When you think about it, on a bigger scale, you probably spend quiet a chunk of you're life shaving. From what I've read from different sources, you'll spend around 45 days of your entire life shaving. It might not seem like a big number, but that's still 1,093 hours of shaving.

It's one of man's biggest chore, but a key to looking sharp.
Ask Men even include being clean shaven as their top way of looking like a boss.
So it may be a chore, but it's key to looking good.

Shave Kit have come up a way to make the chore a little easier.
Over at Shave Kit they know that a busy man will take any extra time they can get.
Why spend even more time going out and getting a new razor, when they'll send you one straight to your door.

The perfect subscription service for the busy man,

It's a simple process.

Pick what razor you'd like to be delive…