The American Way #AsdaSpringSummer

I'm a carnivore, a carnivore through and through.
I love my meat, I'm definitely a steak guy (rare if you're wondering) and I will never say no to a steak burger. Which was why I was so excited when I was invited to Asda's Spring Summer event '#AsdaSpringSummer' showcasing their new summer lines.

I know what you're probably thinking, it'll be more summery British BBQ/picnic which flooded almost every food retailer in Britain last summer. But I was almost like a kid at Christmas, walking in finding an American Diner theme. This is my heaven. I can't get enough of the American Diner experience!
Asda have sent a team over to the US to do a bit of research, tour the states a little, try lots and lots of food,  picked their favourites and brought them back here to the UK! (Where do I sign up for that job)

They've got quite an epic new range of hot dogs, all of which are gluten free, meaning if you want to take an American twist on you're dinner party/BBQ's, you catering for everyone. The Gentleman way.
Once you've got over the extensive range of different hot dogs, varying in size, flavour etc. you then have the choose your sauce to go on top. Gentlemen. This is always a difficult yet crucial choice. Do you stick with the classic mustard and ketch up, or do you mix it up? Well if you want to dress to impress (as in dress your hot dog... get it?), the Asda have got it sorted. They have different sauces ranging from spicy to cooler sauces. From the Mexican cheese, not too spicy but a tasty zing on top of your dog, to a cooler classic, a proper American mustard. Although I think the true show stopper is the baconaise. Yes gentlemen, BACONAISE!
What makes all of this even better, is the hot dogs come with your choice of sauce in a deal. The frugal way.

Asda also have a great selection of award winning wines, and you can taste why, at a very reasonable price. from fruity red wine to bubbly presseco, you can find what you're looking for, and not break the bank.
Wagyu steak

Now if you're still reading, you've come to the golden nugget.
I introduce to you my friends, the Wagyu steak.
Normally only found in Harrods (meaning you'll need a lot of pennies), Asda have brought this, beautiful, succulent steak, marbled with fat throughout, which is the recent it cooks and tastes so good, for £29.99/Kilo. I know this might seem a lot, but if you're treating yourself/partner/friend to steak, you may as well do it properly.
I'd normally go for a thick fillet steaks, but with Wagyu, you want fairly thin steaks. Get a grill pan, heat it up as much as you can, and cook the steak how you like it. I can not recommend it enough. 
While you're at it, add triple cooked chips and baconaise and you're on to a winner!

If you decide to give it a go, send me an invite! 

All of these products are available now, and there is a whole lot more available to the few I've mentioned.
Try some of the Wagyu steak or hot dogs and let me know what you think. If you have a great recipe/dish you want to share, let me know!

Good Evening Gentlemen

I was not paid to write this post, I was invited to a PR event and all views,  as always are my own

the top quality chef''s who cooked my steak
the new sides
award winning wine

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