Summer Is Coming

It's almost here!
What everyone in the UK holds on to during the cold, bitter winters, is the thought of the beautiful summers that come after. Ok, let's be honest with each other, if you're from the UK you'll know the summers here aren't always so sunny and still rather wet. But we still hold hope that the clouds might just clear enough to let a little sun through.

Now we know this doesn't happen often enough, so get you're summer wear ready to make the most of it. It's sunny, warm, perfect weather to go out and enjoy the beauty of the UK and we all want to look our best while we do it.
I like to keep it simple, jeans, or light coloured chinos do just the trick, paired with a light coloured shirt. A dapper look without  too much fuss.
I've seen some great Polo-Ralph Lauren shirts about, but I'm potless, so getting my  hands on one of those isn't so simple. Primarche (Primark) have quite a good selection of shirts in varying colours to choose from.

Go for a long sleeved shirt and roll the sleeves up rather than a short sleeved shirt for a rustic look.

If you're not one for coloured shirts or want some thing a little different, switch it over.
Stick to a white shirt, and put some colour into you're trousers. There's a rainbow of chinos out there, just about all of which will go well with a white shirt.

If you're feeling a bit more creative, find a shirt or polo t-shirt with a similar colour to your bottoms. One rule of thumb to live by 

Pick a colour, and wear the f*ck out of it

Enjoy the sun, have BBQ with friends and family, have a cigar and a drink in the garden. What ever you do this summer, look good doing it.

Enjoying a cigar in style

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