Double Denim: How to pull off a great look

Double Denim seems to have a mixture of different thoughts. Some saying do it, some disagree totally.

I can understand the people who disagree, but if you can pull it off, DO!

There are some great styles to come from double denim, from smart to casual.
Double Dinim x Penguin Polo
Unfortunately, I only really own one denim jacket, but I'll try my best to show you what you might be able to pull off.

Keep it smart.
Pair your denim with a white shirt and a bright tie, to really make the tie pop out as a statement piece.
Need more colour? 
I saw some great street style, someone had a compilation much like this with the added touch of a brightly coloured Mac coat.
Go bright and you're sure to get to noticed.
Not all of us are into the shirt and tie look, I get it.

Feeling casual, just go with a low cut tee or like I have, a classy polo.
I went for a darker Penguin Polo for my look, but I definitely recommend something brighter to contrast the denim.

Use Denim to make the rest of your look pop and stand out!

Got a double denim look?
Leave me a comment and show me, I'm always looking for inspiration! 

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