Day Trip Travel Essentials

At the beginning of the week the other half and I traveled to my home village Aldbury for my little sisters birthday and to visit my dad who's recently been in hospital.
It's quite a way to my home town (97 miles to be precise) so there needs to be a little bit of prep before hand.
Packing for a week a way is whole different level, but when you're going for a day or two there's only a few things you need.
Here's what I took.

Day Trip Essentials

The Essentials.

As you can see, I took the essentials.
My shirt and jeans are both from Primrk, in total costing around £16-£20 for the entire look.
A bright and simple look is what I'm going for this summer and the light pink in my shirt reflects well in the sun.
The laptop for me is an essential for on the go blogging work of course when I have a spare minute.

Double Monkstrap Loafers

The Shoes. 

My shoes are from TK Maxx, I paid £29.99, which is a bargain compared to the £70+ you'd normally spend on a pair of Double Monkstrap Loafers. TK Maxx is great for classy looking shoes, with new styles that come and go every time I go in there, all at reasonable prices.

Sekonda Watch x GQ Magazine (April)

The Watch.

Th eat in my opinion is almost one of the most important accessories to make up a look. Sekonda make great, simple, classy watches at a range of price my Sekonda cost £34.99 but was a gift from my family.
Matching your accessories is an easy way to pull of any look and I'm a huge fan of brown leathers.

I always bring the most current edition of GQ Magazine just for any down time I might get to catch up on the latest styles and lifestyle tips.

Sunglasses NEXT

The Glasses.

As it's summer, sunglasses are always a must and going back to what I mentioned about matching your accessories, as you can see I've gone for a subtle brown in my sunglasses, shoes and watch.

I got this classy pair of sunglasses in the Next clearance for £7, so you may not find them there now. But don't be disheartened, this style is a popular look so keep your eyes peeled and I'm sure you'll find them somewhere at a good price.

Ted Baker Wash Bag

The Wash Bag.

You might only be going away for a day or two but you still need to keep clean and fresh!
My Ted Baker bag is what I consider the best £7 I ever spent. Don't get too excited, they aren't giving them away, I picked mine up in a sale in Boots at Christmas. But always have a look in the gifts section, Boots usually have a good selection of wash bags that sometimes come with body washes and shampoos all at usually a good price.
My Ted Baler bag is perfect for a going away, with three separate sections, one for your toothbrush, one for your shaving kit and one for you soaps, it's perfect for any organisation king.
To top it all off, it looks amazing with leather straps and quilted, dark blue fabric.

All of this fits quite nicely in my leather satchel from Burtons, I must admit, I spent a good £50 on it, but it's rug is, reliable and looks good do. You can read more about my Burtons leather satchel here.

Leather Satchel from Burtons

What are your day trip essentials? Let me know in the comments and if you like why I've done, or didn't like it, let me know! I love feedback.

Happy travelling gentlemen.

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