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Double Denim: How to pull off a great look

Double Denim seems to have a mixture of different thoughts. Some saying do it, some disagree totally.
I can understand the people who disagree, but if you can pull it off, DO!
There are some great styles to come from double denim, from smart to casual. Unfortunately, I only really own one denim jacket, but I'll try my best to show you what you might be able to pull off.
Keep it smart. Pair your denim with a white shirt and a bright tie, to really make the tie pop out as a statement piece. Need more colour?  I saw some great street style, someone had a compilation much like this with the added touch of a brightly coloured Mac coat. Go bright and you're sure to get to noticed. Not all of us are into the shirt and tie look, I get it.
Feeling casual, just go with a low cut tee or like I have, a classy polo. I went for a darker Penguin Polo for my look, but I definitely recommend something brighter to contrast the denim.
Use Denim to make the rest of your look pop and stand out!


Day Trip Travel Essentials

At the beginning of the week the other half and I traveled to my home village Aldbury for my little sisters birthday and to visit my dad who's recently been in hospital. It's quite a way to my home town (97 miles to be precise) so there needs to be a little bit of prep before hand.
Packing for a week a way is whole different level, but when you're going for a day or two there's only a few things you need.
Here's what I took.

The Essentials.As you can see, I took the essentials.
My shirt and jeans are both from Primrk, in total costing around £16-£20 for the entire look.
A bright and simple look is what I'm going for this summer and the light pink in my shirt reflects well in the sun.
The laptop for me is an essential for on the go blogging work of course when I have a spare minute.

The Shoes.My shoes are from TK Maxx, I paid £29.99, which is a bargain compared to the £70+ you'd normally spend on a pair of Double Monkstrap Loafers. TK Maxx is great for classy lookin…



Healthy Living

This August, me and the other half are lucky enough to be able to go way for a week away to Spain with her family.
Before hand though, much like a lot of people going on holiday this summer, we thought we should lose a bit of weight so we're looking good when we hit the beach!

A lot of people want to lose weight, not just so they can look better for themselves but also simply to feel better inside as well. Sometimes it's not all that easy doing it on your own, and I find it's easier if you do it with somebody.
So if you're looking for someone to take that journey with you, I would be more than happy to come along with you with some hopefully helpful tips to make it a little bit easier.

I'm no health professional, I promise you that, but I'm sure of we share some tips and advice, we can manage it together.

My first bit of advice:

It's all about the food
I love my food and if given the opportunity, I'd would just keep eating and eating. But this wouldn't hel…

Summer Is Coming

It's almost here!
What everyone in the UK holds on to during the cold, bitter winters, is the thought of the beautiful summers that come after. Ok, let's be honest with each other, if you're from the UK you'll know the summers here aren't always so sunny and still rather wet. But we still hold hope that the clouds might just clear enough to let a little sun through.

Now we know this doesn't happen often enough, so get you're summer wear ready to make the most of it. It's sunny, warm, perfect weather to go out and enjoy the beauty of the UK and we all want to look our best while we do it.
I like to keep it simple, jeans, or light coloured chinos do just the trick, paired with a light coloured shirt. A dapper look without  too much fuss.
I've seen some great Polo-Ralph Lauren shirts about, but I'm potless, so getting my  hands on one of those isn't so simple. Primarche (Primark) have quite a good selection of shirts in varying colours to choose fr…

The American Way #AsdaSpringSummer

I'm a carnivore, a carnivore through and through.
I love my meat, I'm definitely a steak guy (rare if you're wondering) and I will never say no to a steak burger. Which was why I was so excited when I was invited to Asda's Spring Summer event '#AsdaSpringSummer' showcasing their new summer lines.
I know what you're probably thinking, it'll be more summery British BBQ/picnic which flooded almost every food retailer in Britain last summer. But I was almost like a kid at Christmas, walking in finding an American Diner theme. This is my heaven. I can't get enough of the American Diner experience! Asda have sent a team over to the US to do a bit of research, tour the states a little, try lots and lots of food,  picked their favourites and brought them back here to the UK! (Where do I sign up for that job)

They've got quite an epic new range of hot dogs, all of which are gluten free, meaning if you want to take an American twist on you're dinner p…