The Limp to Cheddar.

I know the name of the post may be a little odd and confusing but just bare with me.

The other half and I took an unexpected Trip to Cheddar with some friends.
Cheddar is like my little paradise in the UK. It's closed off and quiet, natural beauty every where and is the best place to escape the world for a short while.
The other half and I love an adventure, so it was perfect.

From Portsmouth it's only a two and a half hour journey, which isn't a particularly long drive.
Although half way through the drive, the engine light came one. The engine started to chug (It did sound like an American Muscle car... Silver lining and all that), the revs where up and down and the engine started getting hot.
We're yet to find out what was actually wrong with the car but we managed to crawl to Cheddar, spent a great evening in the hot tub with some drinks, and then managed to crawl back to Portsmouth again this morning.

I'm writing this post for those of you who might not be so prepared for the worst on long distance drives. I wasn't prepared, which made a two and a half hour drive last four hours...

Bring Food. I love my food and think the four hour journey would have seemed like an eternity.
Fortunately, because of my love of food, we did have a small supply of food.
Some sort of liquid wouldn't go a miss either. Very fr useful during summer but (I'm going to say it) winter is coming and it's not going to stay hot much longer.

Bring a big bottle of water.
Admittedly, this was a problem with the car that we have questioned for quite a while. It can happen to any one though, it only takes a simple small leak. So I strongly suggest taking some water just to top up the tank. A small 50cl water bottle wasn't really going to help us out if there wasn't any water left.

Like water, more oil will always help to. They're two keys things you might ever need (aside from petrol) on a long distance drive. Just make sure you put the right oil in there.

Last but not least, something to do/read. It's easy to be sat by the road for a long time, and it is quick before staring out into empty fields get boring. I take my GQ magazine everywhere so I was sorted.

I'm no mechanic, I don't know everything about cars. But after my bad experience with my road trip to Cheddar, I learnt a few things from being unprepared. I just hope some of the advice is useful.

If you have any useful 'car journey tips' please leave a comment. I'd love to hear your best tips!

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