A Glass Of Wine

It's been about two months now that I've moved in to my new place with my other half.
That's quite a while, at the same time a tiny piece of my life.

What I realised when I got home after work tonight, is that we have't had the moment of moving in drinks, or housewarming drinks.
So tonight we decided to take that time to celebrate the fact we have a new house. I am a man with a taste for all sorts of drink.
A fine, whisky, vodkas with all sorts of mixer (I'll definitely be writing a post about black vodka soon), lagers, ales, liqueurs. I highly suggest taking a tour of the liqueurs behind a bar, you never know what you might find.
But for this occasion, a simple glass of red wine was perfect. Don't get me wrong, I will always say yes to a party, but this was exactly what it needed.

Fortunately for me, my other half's parents gave us a seven year old bottle of red wine (very giddy about this)

So I'm quite enjoying life at the moment.
Writing up blog posts while sipping my wine.
My advice for tonight, and possibly ever: Relax, and have a glass of wine.

Have a good evening gentleman

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