The Watch

The Watch. One of the most complicated man made creations but at the same time, one of the most practical.

I'm personally quite a watch fanatic and have been known regularly to sift through Instagram, GQ and anywhere else I can, just looking at pictures of luxury watches. (Almost any Audemars Pigueat watch gets me very excited)
I have a small collection myself but not one to particularly to brag about. I think a watch can be an important part that can really put a style together. Like the watch itself, a style needs that tiny part that makes the whole thing work and come together.
My Sekonda

I know what some of you ladies and gentleman are thinking, "Watches are expesive..."

They don't have to be.
In most jewelers, you can find beautiful watches at an affordable price (£15 - £35). When you really think about it, a watch can be an affordable gift to a close friend or family.

This is my Sekonda, this was actually a gift from family but I chose it out. Simple, elegant and practical all at the same time.
This cost £34.99 at the time (£39.99 from and think it is a great watch for all of occasions, from a more professional business meeting to a more casual night out.

There are a huge variety of watches and buying one all depends as to what you might be wearing it with, what you'll be wearing it for or simply your personal preference.
As much as I love my Sekonda, I'm quite a fan of my 'big and loud' watches.
I'm a big fan for statement jewelry, which is why one of my personal favourite pieces that I own is my Storm watch.

Now unfortunately, I can't say this watch was at all cheap...
But, if you are passionate about watches, it wasn't a bad price to treat myself.
This piece may not be quite the professional looking watches for business and work but it's definitely been a conversation starter on nights out and social events.

Statement watches don't have to be expensive though.

Skeleton watches is a growing trend and more and more I see them popping up.
Quite a lot of skeleton watches are very much related to the 'Steam Punk' trend, this might not be your thing, but they do have some incredible watches. I recieved one for my birthday and is one of my most unique pieces. Like you, my concern as "Cheap watch, it's not going to be reliable) but so far it's managed to survive.
There's nothing more beautiful than watching the insides of an automatic watch come together and just tick.

My number one tip to find a great looking watch at a great price, is be patient and keep looking.
Jewelers are always doing great deals, especially in store. If you're out and about, take the extra minute to pop your head into charity shops, you never know when there might be a hidden gem at a great price. On a side note, check out Groupon, I occasionally see some great watches and quite a reduced price.

Let me know what you think of my collection with a comment below and show of some of you're own collection!

I was not paid or given anything to write this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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