The Gentleman's Home

I've recently moved into a new place (If you haven't noticed the lack of posts recently)
Moving is a long and time consuming process and can be very difficult to work around a gentleman's daily life, with work, house work and taking those moments to just take 5 and relax.
I've made quite a big move, we're talking just under 100 miles (that's 161 Km for those of you using the metric system) so not just down the road.

One big step after the other, I have also moved in with the other half, whom I love to pieces and always will.
After the pain staking job of moving everything from one place, 100 miles to the other. After spending all night (literally all night) cleaning and washing down the other half's old place (I don't like to talk about it much) and unpacking everything it's right place, all neat and tidy. I stopped and noticed. It's quite girly looking.

After a review of what the public spend their money on, other than essentials such as food and bills, it found that the UK spend most of their money on home improvements. After my original thought, I wondered. What would a gentleman's home look like?

With thousands, possibly millions or more different styles and looks that a gentleman could go for, which one does the modern gentleman go for. What can I do to our room that adds the gentlemanly touch. Does one go for the sharp, simplistic look of the modern gentleman. Or does the good old fashioned, quilted leather smoking chair (which I am a huge fan off!) add that perfect touch.
In the house (which was very oddly furnished) already had a red, quilted velvet chair, which honestly, just looks awful...

So I am going to ask you, my fellow gentleman (and ladies of course)

what do you think I could use, to add a gentlemanly touch to our new room?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweet me at @PLGentleman

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