My Recent Summer Purchase

It's summer and what a summer it has been. Probably one of the hottest I've ever experienced.
There's not a lot you can really fault about summer (I'm not going to do the British thing and moan it's too hot), the great weather with great food to go with it and what's more, the great choice in summer style.

Recently, I've had to look for something smart casual that I can wear to see family and relatives that I don't often see and I bumped into a gem a couple of days ago.
Me, the other half and the rest of the family took to the road towards Dudley for my Nan's 90th Birthday (quite a big one). It's quite a rarity to get that much of the family together at one time.

While shopping with the other half, we walked into Next and found a beautiful bottle/emerald green suit jacket. My other half looked at me horrified when I first pointed it out.
With a lovely soft outer fabric with a beautifully silky lining on the inside.
With a stylish black label with pockets on the inside to keep a thin wallet or your phone, it was perfect. As soon as I tried it on, my other half changed her mind.
What I really loved about this jacket was that it was thin so perfect for wearing at a summer time evening event.

What I wore for my Nan's 90th Birthday

The cherry on the cake was that it was only £25 (from £75) in the Next Sale. So have a look if you walk past.

Please, ladies and gentleman, let me know what you think and I'm welcome to any suggestion or feed back. What do you think?
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