Mumm's cafe

Breakfast is an extremely important meal of the day. It gets the energy you need to start your engine and get going which is why it's so important.

It's always good to eat a good healthy breakfast, but it's always fun to have a 'rest day'. Which is why I love a great café. For the readers that enjoy more of the luxuries in life, I'm not talking about coffee shops. I'm talking about your good old fashioned greasy cafè. Where if you're lucky, you can get a coffee for a £1 and have a roast at almost any point in the day.

What I really love about a good ol' café is the atmosphere, that's what really brings it all together. I don't know what it is about them, there just seems to be this sense of friendliness in the air...

I  recently moved to Portsmouth and in my home town, we had a great café which I used to visit with my mother regularly.
One I found Mumm's Café, I found a sense of nostalgia.
It was great to take my mother there while she visited this weekend.

This post is definitely one for my frugal readers.
So. If you haven't got much planned this weekend. Maybe having a lazy Sunday. Head down to your local café in the morning for a cheap, home made breakfast. Don't forget, you're also helping your local business at the same time!

Where's your local café/diner and why do you love it?

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