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Blogging. One newbie blogger to another.

Blogging is hard. it's not easy and I never thought it was going to be easy. With work and all the other time consuming parts of life, I find it easy to sit down and not pick up my laptop and write a post. I enjoy writing and I especially enjoy writing about things that I enjoy and being a gentleman and trying to live the life of luxury with a small budget is what I love doing.

Any of my fellow bloggers will all say the same. Blogging is not easy and if you want it to be successful, you have to put a lot of time into it. My other half's blog is quite successful now but she's only get there with lots of time, effort and patience.

I want to give you some of the tips I've quickly learn as a new blogger to help you out if you've started writing a new blog or if you're considering writing a blog.

I think the number one rule to ever think about before and while writing is. Enjoy it.
Don't bother writing if you don't enjoy writing, it shouldn't e a chore. …

Mumm's cafe

Breakfast is an extremely important meal of the day. It gets the energy you need to start your engine and get going which is why it's so important.
It's always good to eat a good healthy breakfast, but it's always fun to have a 'rest day'. Which is why I love a great café. For the readers that enjoy more of the luxuries in life, I'm not talking about coffee shops. I'm talking about your good old fashioned greasy cafè. Where if you're lucky, you can get a coffee for a £1 and have a roast at almost any point in the day.
What I really love about a good ol' café is the atmosphere, that's what really brings it all together. I don't know what it is about them, there just seems to be this sense of friendliness in the air...
I  recently moved to Portsmouth and in my home town, we had a great café which I used to visit with my mother regularly. One I found Mumm's Café, I found a sense of nostalgia. It was great to take my mother there while she visite…

My Recent Summer Purchase

It's summer and what a summer it has been. Probably one of the hottest I've ever experienced.
There's not a lot you can really fault about summer (I'm not going to do the British thing and moan it's too hot), the great weather with great food to go with it and what's more, the great choice in summer style.

Recently, I've had to look for something smart casual that I can wear to see family and relatives that I don't often see and I bumped into a gem a couple of days ago.
Me, the other half and the rest of the family took to the road towards Dudley for my Nan's 90th Birthday (quite a big one). It's quite a rarity to get that much of the family together at one time.
While shopping with the other half, we walked into Next and found a beautiful bottle/emerald green suit jacket. My other half looked at me horrified when I first pointed it out.
With a lovely soft outer fabric with a beautifully silky lining on the inside. With a stylish black label with pock…

The Gentleman's Home

I've recently moved into a new place (If you haven't noticed the lack of posts recently)
Moving is a long and time consuming process and can be very difficult to work around a gentleman's daily life, with work, house work and taking those moments to just take 5 and relax.
I've made quite a big move, we're talking just under 100 miles (that's 161 Km for those of you using the metric system) so not just down the road.

One big step after the other, I have also moved in with the other half, whom I love to pieces and always will.
After the pain staking job of moving everything from one place, 100 miles to the other. After spending all night (literally all night) cleaning and washing down the other half's old place (I don't like to talk about it much) and unpacking everything it's right place, all neat and tidy. I stopped and noticed. It's quite girly looking.

After a review of what the public spend their money on, other than essentials such as food and bi…

The Watch

The Watch. One of the most complicated man made creations but at the same time, one of the most practical.

I'm personally quite a watch fanatic and have been known regularly to sift through Instagram, GQ and anywhere else I can, just looking at pictures of luxury watches. (Almost any Audemars Pigueat watch gets me very excited)
I have a small collection myself but not one to particularly to brag about. I think a watch can be an important part that can really put a style together. Like the watch itself, a style needs that tiny part that makes the whole thing work and come together.

I know what some of you ladies and gentleman are thinking, "Watches are expesive..."

They don't have to be.
In most jewelers, you can find beautiful watches at an affordable price (£15 - £35). When you really think about it, a watch can be an affordable gift to a close friend or family.

This is my Sekonda, this was actually a gift from family but I chose it out. Simple, elegant and practical all …