Wining & Dining

Now this is a very big part of showing your gentlemanly traits. Dinner.

Now this doesn't just include dining with that special someone, this can be dining with colleagues, clients, potential clients and family. I'm not just talking about the everyday evening meal, I'm talking about the fine art of 'dining'

Now of course, dinner doesn't always have to be out, lets be honest, some days/weeks/months it can break the bank. It all really depends on who you're dining with and how well you know them. Sure, having dinner with your partner and family at home is always a great cheap way to dine. But colleagues and clients you don't particularly know so well, it may be a better idea to take them out.

Being a gentleman is a big part on dinner. It brings ALL of the basics together. The manners, the dress, and general food knowledge always helps make the meal.

There are three steps you'll want to prepare before you get to the part where you actually eat.

First - You want a great atmosphere. A big part of 'dining' is the atmosphere you're in. You'll want something welcoming and warm, for example, if you're dining out, a place with great customer service is always a winner. Somewhere with secluded tables adds that personal touch to your dining experience.
The best way to know the atmosphere of a restaurant is to go there and try it yourself. So if you have the money, take a close friend or member of family and try places out. Either that or look at the internet reviews are also very good as people who  write reviews about food establishments are generally very passionate about their food.

This image shows a red wine glass.
I'll never say no to a good red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Second - Wine or whatever your poison, is a big part of the meal. It's what you taste between everything else. If you know what you're guests/partner drinks then you're onto a winner, so stick with that! (Although sometimes pairing a certain wine its matching foods may be even better.) Again, if you do have cash to spare, get a variety of wines, and try them and maybe even try them with the dish you plan to make to get the perfect combination.
If you have even more cash, I'd say go for the next level and try some wine tasting sessions (if you do decide this, send me an invite).

Third - The food. Probably the most important part of it all. Now when it comes to family or partners, it can be easier as you may know what they like or where they like to eat and you can make you're meal more specialist (if you have the knowledge), but you can't ever go wrong with old simple favorites.
When it comes to dining with clients, potential clients or even new partners/dates, finding what you are going to make or where you are going to eat is more of a challenge. If you're really panicking about it, don't. You're not always going to get it right for everyone and you can't always please everyone.Try avoid specialist restaurants or places which you might consider where a majority of people may not like the food, for example I've always found that majority of people I know would pick other things over sushi, Korean or sea food. Pick somewhere that is well know, even better, pick somewhere that you know does great food and as an added bonus, somewhere that serves a variety of great foods!

Once you've got these tree things together, you can dine like a gentleman should!

Remember to dress smart, or smart casual. Whatever the occasion, look sharp and always, always be polite and show good manner to you're guests, out of respect to them, and yourself.
If you can pull off a good dinner, it might be that thing that lands you that new client or even that big date!

Stay Classy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is only a guide, so mix it up with your own personal touches and please give me your feedback. This is a new project and I want it to have the best effect and help you, the lovely readers.

Stay classy and dine like a true gentleman

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