What It Is To Be A Gentleman/Luxury Living Blogger

This is a new project for me and I want to get as much out of it as possible, meet new, like minded people and hopefully along the way give some of you lovely readers some helpful advice.

Today, much like future days, I did a bit of networking to find people who write the same kind of content of me, think the same way as me and maybe, help me share my new project with other like minded people.
I found that there's quite a variety of different writers. You have gentleman fashion bloggers, luxury food bloggers, luxury travel bloggers and the rarity that is a luxury lifestyle bloggers. All of which are brilliant writers and all show great levels of class.
Knowing the blogging community and how vast and wide it is, us Gentlemen and luxury life bloggers are quite a rarity and small part of the blogging community.

We're all after one thing. To show general public that it's easy to live in luxury. whether that's food, lifestyle, fashion or food. We all want to do it to GQ magazine standard, but love the fact that it's ours.

This is a project that I want to shine, and i hope that my fellow gentleman bloggers will offer me support and criticism in all the work I do to help make my blog better. The same for which I hope you lovely readers will also do.

Stay classy, and enjoy the content

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