Train Journey Essentials

It's the weekend and I'm sure some of you lovely readers are, like me, loving the sunshine and getting the most of it here in more often than not, rainy Britain.

Today I was off to spend the day and have dinner for the inlaw's birthday.
Getting the train is the quickest way there so as I'm sure some of you may be taking to the trains to visit your summer locations and thought maybe a travellers guide to what you might need on a train might be useful.

The London commuters will know that a train in the sun is not always the best of fun (especially when the air conditioning is broken). So here are some things that might take you're mind off the heat, the un-comfy chairs and loud passengers.

1. Your Phone
I've always found this one of my most essential pieces of 'equipment' for a boring train journey.
Flicking through social Media, messaging friends/family, playing games and (sadly) clearing out and de-cluttering my phone always helps the time go by. But, it doesn't last forever...

My Beats Studios
2. Headphones
I personally am very fond of my music and will take it anywhere I go. That's why in my opinion is a must!
I splashed out on some Beats By Dre Studio 2.0s but this is blog is all about a gentleman's luxury lifestyle but with a frugal living. Headphones/earphones don't have to be expensive. If you do your research, you can phone some great headphones at a cheap price!
Apple always do great quality earphones at just over an affordable price, but TKMaxx do great headphones at a good price!

3.Something To Read
This is one of the most effective ways to pass the time. It doesn't drain your phone batter and sometimes you learn something.
August 2014 edition of GQ
I'm into my comedy and if you like Michael Mcintyre then definitely pick up a copy of his autobiography. It's like a comedy gig in a book.

What I've been reading recently is, of course GQ. For great inspiration and an entertaining read.
Back to the frugal theme, when I'm low on cash, the Metro is always a good read, catching up with news means you might have a little back up when you need a conversation starter. Of course the best bit is that it's FREE!

4. A Watch
My Sekonda Watch
A watch has got to be one of my life savers when on the trains.
I do find my self just watching it spin, literally watching time go by, but most importantly for catching the train in the first place!
In my opinion, it's very difficult to sit on a train when I can't keep track of time.

5. Something to eat
This is a must for any long journey on a train. Having some food or even just a coffe, it takes the edge off the journey. Nine out of ten train stations will have somewhere you can get food and if it si a long journey, it is well worth the money. If you're more organised you'll remember to pack you're own food, all it takes is a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink.

I hope my little guide helps.

Are there any things that I've missed or anything you have that is essential to your train journey?
Comment below and let me know!

All opinions are my own. I was not paid or given anything to write this post. All images are my own.

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