The Morning Routine

As a gentleman, you'll need to be on top form, looking sharp as well as thinking sharp.
The morning is an important part of the day and can sometimes set the tone of the day, so getting up and ready can really bring out the most of you're day.

The most important point is simple. Get a good nights sleep.
After a big night out, getting up and feeling fresh in the morning is a 'little' bit harder.

Getting up properly is also key. For example, if you have work during the day, don't leave getting up until 20 minutes before you leave, give yourself a bit of time to wake up. An hour or so is all it takes to feel that much better. I can't count the number of times I've got up late, had to rush and have felt the consequences through the day. An added bonus of getting up earlier is reducing the risk of being late. No employer, whether it's a current employer or a new one you are meeting  at a job interview, likes people who are late. Having your head straight in the morning can also be a great advantage during a busy day.

Once up, I like to shower, get washed up. Getting the water on you really does great to wake you up also. Nothing feels better than getting ready in the morning feeling fresh and clean.

After, a good healthy breakfast (it doesn't always have to be healthy) and something to drink (my weapon of choice is always coffee) is important to give you the energy for the day. As they say "Breakfast, the most important meal of the day"
I can't deal with anything during the day unless I've had something to eat and a nice hot coffee in the morning.
I doesn't have to b fancy, or covered in fruit (but it can't hurt). A simple piece of toast will do, something just get in you. Brain food.

I also like to use this time in the morning catching up with the news, reading interesting articles, check social networks and generally seeing what's going on in the world.
It gets my brain into gear and gets me thinking. I've read that if you spend 5 minutes playing games, checking social media or reading the news as soon as you get up can wake you up a whole lot faster, because you've forced your brain to think.
As well as waking you up, if you're a rambler like me, it helps to have some of these things as a conversation starter. Because who doesn't love a good moan debate/discussion.

To get the most out of all of these, is routine.
Doing these things with a routine makes them all more effective and eventually, it'll be 2nd nature.

Get up on the right side of the bed. Look sharp and think sharp. Be the gentleman you should be.

Stay classy, and have a good day!

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