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The Simple Things - Tucking a shirt in

I know this seems a little bit silly for some, but it's not for others.It's always good for a gentleman to look smart and sharp, so tucking your shirt in is an easy win.
It's not so much tucking a shirt in, it's keeping it tucked in, and there are some simple tricks to help you out. I spent enough time, tucking my shirt in throughout the day but I've learnt a couple of things to keep it all in.
First of all, you need a shirt that fits. Properly. Not too big, not too small. Personally, I always try to buy shirts that are 'tailor fit' otherwise 'slim fit' but it all depends on your size and build. As long as it fits, you're good to go!
I read on another blog, that there are only certain times to tuck in your shirt, which I definitely agree. Personally I think, that when wearing a jacket, tucking your shirt in is a must, whereas when simply wearing a shirt, it's not totally necessary. Other bloggers also consider whether a shirt has a strait hem need…

What is it, to be a gentleman?

Before we delve into the different details of what makes a gentleman, we'll start off with key things that make up a gentleman.

// Manners //
Manners cost nothing, and they're simple to do. To be honest, All of you reading probably have good manners.
The simple things like saying please and thank you, general politeness and going the extra way to hold the door for people.
All simple things that can make peoples day a little bit happier.

// Look Smart and Approachable //
Looks aren't always the most important thing, but it always help to look smart and approachable.
In my opinion, looking smart and approachable is the gentleman look.
Sometimes it can be expensive, but you don't have to go out and buy £1,000 suits. I'll show you how to do it on a budget. (that's kind of the point of the blog)

// Know how to cook //
Now I'm not saying you have to go out and learn a whole recipe book fool of things, but a couple of dishes could never harm. Just some dishes that might imp…

Welcome to your new (FREE) guide to be a gentleman

It is often said that gentlemen are a dying breed and that in this day and age that there aren't enough of them around. Women are forever saying that they want a man but they just can't seem to find the whole 'Gentleman package'. 

Today I want to change that!

I'll show you the best ways to act and look like a gentleman - even if you haven't got a penny to your name, like me... I'll be covering styles, manners, recipes and much much more. The best part of it is that, I'm not made out of money, it'll all be done on a budget which means its for everyone.

Keep your eyes peeled for some great tips and tricks.