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My Recent Purchase: Burton Menswear Satchel

Recently, I found a great deal in Burton's.

A great leather satchel, with a detachable strap which turns it from a satchel to a suitcase. There's not a lot I can say about this bag, it really speaks for it self. A tough brown leather with a simplistic design. The bag also comes in black but I'm quite a fan of brown leather. Inside, with quite a regal deep purple for the lining, it also has two pockets which fit pens and your phone perfectly. The best part about it all. It was on sale for £25. I've been searching for a quality bag at a good price for a while and it's been very hard to do. Have a look and tell me what you think. If you know another place a pot less gentleman can get a great bag at a great price, let me know!

I was not paid for this post. I bought the bag myself. All opinions are honest and my own.

A Glass Of Wine

It's been about two months now that I've moved in to my new place with my other half.
That's quite a while, at the same time a tiny piece of my life.

What I realised when I got home after work tonight, is that we have't had the moment of moving in drinks, or housewarming drinks.
So tonight we decided to take that time to celebrate the fact we have a new house. I am a man with a taste for all sorts of drink.
A fine, whisky, vodkas with all sorts of mixer (I'll definitely be writing a post about black vodka soon), lagers, ales, liqueurs. I highly suggest taking a tour of the liqueurs behind a bar, you never know what you might find.
But for this occasion, a simple glass of red wine was perfect. Don't get me wrong, I will always say yes to a party, but this was exactly what it needed.

Fortunately for me, my other half's parents gave us a seven year old bottle of red wine (very giddy about this)

So I'm quite enjoying life at the moment.
Writing up blog post…

The Limp to Cheddar.

I know the name of the post may be a little odd and confusing but just bare with me.

The other half and I took an unexpected Trip to Cheddar with some friends.
Cheddar is like my little paradise in the UK. It's closed off and quiet, natural beauty every where and is the best place to escape the world for a short while.
The other half and I love an adventure, so it was perfect.

From Portsmouth it's only a two and a half hour journey, which isn't a particularly long drive.
Although half way through the drive, the engine light came one. The engine started to chug (It did sound like an American Muscle car... Silver lining and all that), the revs where up and down and the engine started getting hot.
We're yet to find out what was actually wrong with the car but we managed to crawl to Cheddar, spent a great evening in the hot tub with some drinks, and then managed to crawl back to Portsmouth again this morning.

I'm writing this post for those of you who might not be so prepared…

Blogging. One newbie blogger to another.

Blogging is hard. it's not easy and I never thought it was going to be easy. With work and all the other time consuming parts of life, I find it easy to sit down and not pick up my laptop and write a post. I enjoy writing and I especially enjoy writing about things that I enjoy and being a gentleman and trying to live the life of luxury with a small budget is what I love doing.

Any of my fellow bloggers will all say the same. Blogging is not easy and if you want it to be successful, you have to put a lot of time into it. My other half's blog is quite successful now but she's only get there with lots of time, effort and patience.

I want to give you some of the tips I've quickly learn as a new blogger to help you out if you've started writing a new blog or if you're considering writing a blog.

I think the number one rule to ever think about before and while writing is. Enjoy it.
Don't bother writing if you don't enjoy writing, it shouldn't e a chore. …

Mumm's cafe

Breakfast is an extremely important meal of the day. It gets the energy you need to start your engine and get going which is why it's so important.
It's always good to eat a good healthy breakfast, but it's always fun to have a 'rest day'. Which is why I love a great café. For the readers that enjoy more of the luxuries in life, I'm not talking about coffee shops. I'm talking about your good old fashioned greasy cafè. Where if you're lucky, you can get a coffee for a £1 and have a roast at almost any point in the day.
What I really love about a good ol' café is the atmosphere, that's what really brings it all together. I don't know what it is about them, there just seems to be this sense of friendliness in the air...
I  recently moved to Portsmouth and in my home town, we had a great café which I used to visit with my mother regularly. One I found Mumm's Café, I found a sense of nostalgia. It was great to take my mother there while she visite…

My Recent Summer Purchase

It's summer and what a summer it has been. Probably one of the hottest I've ever experienced.
There's not a lot you can really fault about summer (I'm not going to do the British thing and moan it's too hot), the great weather with great food to go with it and what's more, the great choice in summer style.

Recently, I've had to look for something smart casual that I can wear to see family and relatives that I don't often see and I bumped into a gem a couple of days ago.
Me, the other half and the rest of the family took to the road towards Dudley for my Nan's 90th Birthday (quite a big one). It's quite a rarity to get that much of the family together at one time.
While shopping with the other half, we walked into Next and found a beautiful bottle/emerald green suit jacket. My other half looked at me horrified when I first pointed it out.
With a lovely soft outer fabric with a beautifully silky lining on the inside. With a stylish black label with pock…

The Gentleman's Home

I've recently moved into a new place (If you haven't noticed the lack of posts recently)
Moving is a long and time consuming process and can be very difficult to work around a gentleman's daily life, with work, house work and taking those moments to just take 5 and relax.
I've made quite a big move, we're talking just under 100 miles (that's 161 Km for those of you using the metric system) so not just down the road.

One big step after the other, I have also moved in with the other half, whom I love to pieces and always will.
After the pain staking job of moving everything from one place, 100 miles to the other. After spending all night (literally all night) cleaning and washing down the other half's old place (I don't like to talk about it much) and unpacking everything it's right place, all neat and tidy. I stopped and noticed. It's quite girly looking.

After a review of what the public spend their money on, other than essentials such as food and bi…

The Watch

The Watch. One of the most complicated man made creations but at the same time, one of the most practical.

I'm personally quite a watch fanatic and have been known regularly to sift through Instagram, GQ and anywhere else I can, just looking at pictures of luxury watches. (Almost any Audemars Pigueat watch gets me very excited)
I have a small collection myself but not one to particularly to brag about. I think a watch can be an important part that can really put a style together. Like the watch itself, a style needs that tiny part that makes the whole thing work and come together.

I know what some of you ladies and gentleman are thinking, "Watches are expesive..."

They don't have to be.
In most jewelers, you can find beautiful watches at an affordable price (£15 - £35). When you really think about it, a watch can be an affordable gift to a close friend or family.

This is my Sekonda, this was actually a gift from family but I chose it out. Simple, elegant and practical all …

Train Journey Essentials

It's the weekend and I'm sure some of you lovely readers are, like me, loving the sunshine and getting the most of it here in more often than not, rainy Britain.

Today I was off to spend the day and have dinner for the inlaw's birthday. Getting the train is the quickest way there so as I'm sure some of you may be taking to the trains to visit your summer locations and thought maybe a travellers guide to what you might need on a train might be useful.
The London commuters will know that a train in the sun is not always the best of fun (especially when the air conditioning is broken). So here are some things that might take you're mind off the heat, the un-comfy chairs and loud passengers.
1. Your Phone I've always found this one of my most essential pieces of 'equipment' for a boring train journey. Flicking through social Media, messaging friends/family, playing games and (sadly) clearing out and de-cluttering my phone always helps the time go by. But, it does…

The Morning Routine

As a gentleman, you'll need to be on top form, looking sharp as well as thinking sharp. The morning is an important part of the day and can sometimes set the tone of the day, so getting up and ready can really bring out the most of you're day.
The most important point is simple. Get a good nights sleep. After a big night out, getting up and feeling fresh in the morning is a 'little' bit harder.
Getting up properly is also key. For example, if you have work during the day, don't leave getting up until 20 minutes before you leave, give yourself a bit of time to wake up. An hour or so is all it takes to feel that much better. I can't count the number of times I've got up late, had to rush and have felt the consequences through the day. An added bonus of getting up earlier is reducing the risk of being late. No employer, whether it's a current employer or a new one you are meeting  at a job interview, likes people who are late. Having your head straight in …

A quick note before bed

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What It Is To Be A Gentleman/Luxury Living Blogger

This is a new project for me and I want to get as much out of it as possible, meet new, like minded people and hopefully along the way give some of you lovely readers some helpful advice.

Today, much like future days, I did a bit of networking to find people who write the same kind of content of me, think the same way as me and maybe, help me share my new project with other like minded people.
I found that there's quite a variety of different writers. You have gentleman fashion bloggers, luxury food bloggers, luxury travel bloggers and the rarity that is a luxury lifestyle bloggers. All of which are brilliant writers and all show great levels of class.
Knowing the blogging community and how vast and wide it is, us Gentlemen and luxury life bloggers are quite a rarity and small part of the blogging community.

We're all after one thing. To show general public that it's easy to live in luxury. whether that's food, lifestyle, fashion or food. We all want to do it to GQ magazin…

Wining & Dining

Now this is a very big part of showing your gentlemanly traits. Dinner.
Now this doesn't just include dining with that special someone, this can be dining with colleagues, clients, potential clients and family. I'm not just talking about the everyday evening meal, I'm talking about the fine art of 'dining'
Now of course, dinner doesn't always have to be out, lets be honest, some days/weeks/months it can break the bank. It all really depends on who you're dining with and how well you know them. Sure, having dinner with your partner and family at home is always a great cheap way to dine. But colleagues and clients you don't particularly know so well, it may be a better idea to take them out.
Being a gentleman is a big part on dinner. It brings ALL of the basics together. The manners, the dress, and general food knowledge always helps make the meal.
There are three steps you'll want to prepare before you get to the part where you actually eat.
First - You w…

A Public Announcement

My apologies to all you lovely readers for the lack of posts although I've been doing some boring admin work but a normal service will continue shortly.
Stay classy!

The Simple Things - Tucking a shirt in

I know this seems a little bit silly for some, but it's not for others.It's always good for a gentleman to look smart and sharp, so tucking your shirt in is an easy win.
It's not so much tucking a shirt in, it's keeping it tucked in, and there are some simple tricks to help you out. I spent enough time, tucking my shirt in throughout the day but I've learnt a couple of things to keep it all in.
First of all, you need a shirt that fits. Properly. Not too big, not too small. Personally, I always try to buy shirts that are 'tailor fit' otherwise 'slim fit' but it all depends on your size and build. As long as it fits, you're good to go!
I read on another blog, that there are only certain times to tuck in your shirt, which I definitely agree. Personally I think, that when wearing a jacket, tucking your shirt in is a must, whereas when simply wearing a shirt, it's not totally necessary. Other bloggers also consider whether a shirt has a strait hem need…

What is it, to be a gentleman?

Before we delve into the different details of what makes a gentleman, we'll start off with key things that make up a gentleman.

// Manners //
Manners cost nothing, and they're simple to do. To be honest, All of you reading probably have good manners.
The simple things like saying please and thank you, general politeness and going the extra way to hold the door for people.
All simple things that can make peoples day a little bit happier.

// Look Smart and Approachable //
Looks aren't always the most important thing, but it always help to look smart and approachable.
In my opinion, looking smart and approachable is the gentleman look.
Sometimes it can be expensive, but you don't have to go out and buy £1,000 suits. I'll show you how to do it on a budget. (that's kind of the point of the blog)

// Know how to cook //
Now I'm not saying you have to go out and learn a whole recipe book fool of things, but a couple of dishes could never harm. Just some dishes that might imp…

Welcome to your new (FREE) guide to be a gentleman

It is often said that gentlemen are a dying breed and that in this day and age that there aren't enough of them around. Women are forever saying that they want a man but they just can't seem to find the whole 'Gentleman package'. 

Today I want to change that!

I'll show you the best ways to act and look like a gentleman - even if you haven't got a penny to your name, like me... I'll be covering styles, manners, recipes and much much more. The best part of it is that, I'm not made out of money, it'll all be done on a budget which means its for everyone.

Keep your eyes peeled for some great tips and tricks.